Ortovox Launches Rock Climbing Knowledge Base

In close cooperation with the Verband Deutchser Berg- und Ski-Führer (VDBS – German mountain and ski guide association), numerous professional mountain guides, athletes, and climbing experts from Petzl, Ortovox has launched the Safety Academy Lab Rock, an interactive, multimedia training platform that was developed as part of the Safety Academy. It offers more than 30 video tutorials, comprehensive educational modules and four chapters for more safety in alpine climbing. What first began as an initiative purely for avalanche courses is now targeted towards complete alpine safety training – in both summer and winter, digitally and on paper.

The names behind the Safety Academy Lab Rock are safety experts Chris Semmel and Walter Würtl. Semmel is a state-certified mountain and ski guide as well as an expert on mountain, climbing and avalanche accidents. He has lead the DAV (German Alpine Club) safety research team for 10 years, is a member of the DAV mountain climbing and sport climbing training team and is also in the VDBS training team. Würtl is also a state-certified mountain and ski guide as well as an expert on alpine and avalanche accidents. As an alpine scientist, he is also the editor of Bergundsteigen magazine.

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