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Inside Outdoor Summer 2013

Inside Outdoor Summer 2013 (Digital Edition)

Inside Outdoor Summer 2013 Features:

(14) Greener by Design – by Ernest Shiwanov
A new LCA study from MIT on shoe manufacturing illustrates how designers can reduce the environmental impact of footwear production as early as the design stage.

(22) More Than a Pretty Face – by Geoff Cunningham, Jr.
Unlike the days when brand stewards mainly signed autographs and sported logos, a growing contingent of brand ambassadors leverage their passion for the outdoors to elevate the position of their sponsor brands.

(28) Outdoor’s 3D Experience – by Martin Vilaboy
The hype suggests 3D printing is still an emerging technology employed mostly by hobbyist and large high-tech corporations. But several outdoor brands already are using in-house 3D printers to do things that were impossible or cost-prohibitive under traditional manufacturing methods.

(38) S/S14 Product Market Showcase

Inside Outdoor Magazine Departments:

Data Points
(8) Numbers Worth Noting
Drive by shopping; OR agendas; tart tweets; and more…

(74) Between the Teeth
History of waterproof zippers

Floor Space
(76) Buyers Beware
Overbuyers anonymous

(78) Nemo Goes Topo
Inside the tent

Back Office
(80) Beating the Odds
The not-so golden parachute

(6) Letter from the Editor

(12) Rep Moves and News

(82) Advertiser Index

Inside Outdoor Summer 2013 (Digital Edition)

About Inside Outdoor Magazine:

We know outdoor executives have access to plenty of instantaneous information. But one thing decision makers overwhelmingly tell us they can’t get enough of is thoroughly researched and highly scrutinized news and analysis that can be applied directly to improving day-to-day operations.

Having surpassed more than a decade in the industry, Inside Outdoor Magazine’s staff of seasoned outdoor journalists represent years of experience in specialty retail, product manufacturing, business analysis and living the outdoor lifestyle. We believe this mix of backgrounds is a key component to complementing your marketing message with the business modeling, cost-margin analysis, trend forecasting and quantified operational advice that’s already proven to capture loyalty and engage readers, and studies show that reader engagement with media and advertising can drive sales.

Your customers would need to expend significant time and money to amass the information and advice, in addition to, the requisite industry movements, trends and product innovations—that we deliver straight to their mailboxes, for free, all year round.

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