Gregory Unveils 100% Recycled Resin Pack

Gregory’s fall 2020 collection is focused on increased sustainability, faster transition times and more effective organization and versatility, said the company.

The Resin represents Gregory’s first-ever pack constructed entirely from recycled fabrics, created using a custom, life cycle assessment (LCA) tool. Gregory uses the LCA tool to calculate the carbon footprint of all materials and energy used to create, sew and ship a product. Gregory’s design team used that data to reduce the carbon footprint of the Resin by 59%. The same tool empowers consumers to take actionable steps to offset the carbon footprint of their purchase. For example, to offset the footprint of the Resin, a consumer can carpool, use mass transit, or bike 19 miles.

Beyond the eco-friendly and PVC-free fabrics, purchasers will find Gregory’s usual attention to detail and thoughtful design, including a weather-resistant front panel and dedicated laptop sleeve to keep gear protected on the go. The Resin is available in 24 ($99.95), 26 ($109.95) and 30-liter capacities ($119.95).

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