Goldwin Unveils ‘Spider Silk’ Jacket at OR

GOLDWIN Innovation, in conjunction with Spiber Inc., announce the exhibition of a new prototype of the GOLDWIN Ski Jacket. The jacket features QMONOS, a new protein material based on spider silk.
Environmentally friendly due to its non-reliance on petrochemicals, QMONOS is undergoing an array of rigorous quality verification procedures before being brought to the market. Both GOLDWIN and Spiber working to usher in the adoption of this new “material of the future,” said the companies. Attendees of the Outdoor and Snow Show in Denver will have the first opportunity to see this innovation at the Goldwin booth (49045-UL) and speak with a representative from Spiber.

The collaboration between Goldwin and Spiber coincides with the opening of GOLDWIN’s new R&D facility, GOLDWIN TECH LAB this past November, in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Research and development activities have already begun for innovative sportswear using state-of-the-art technology.

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Oyabe City is the birthplace of GOLDWIN and was already home to GOLDWIN Technical Center (GTC), which has been at the forefront of GOLDWIN’s R&D activities for many years. The addition of GOLDWIN TECH LAB represents GOLDWIN’s commitment to further
The validation tests of the world’s first prototype produced with QMONOS on an actual manufacturing line was one of the first objectives of the GOLDWIN TECH LAB.

t the lab, GOLDWIN will endeavor to develop products that incorporate new and unique values, by taking full advantage of the R&D capabilities GOLDWIN has fostered in the 67 years since the brand’s establishment, as well as the product development expertise, which combines human insights with advanced intelligence aided by state-of-the-art instruments, and GOLDWIN’s unique and comprehensive inspection system, which ensures high quality and reliability.