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Inside Outdoor | SUMMER 2019 29 For apparel designers looking for sustainable options all the way down to the last detail, Stolberg, Germany-based Prym Fash- ion has unveiled new environ- mentally friendly snaps. The new snaps currently come in two options, ecoWhite and ecoGreen, with an ecoBlue expected soon. Made from recycled plastic bottles, Prym Fashion’s ecoWhite snaps eliminate the use of crude oil and associated processing compared to plastic snaps made with virgin raw materials. One recycled plastic bottle can produce 13 snaps, said the company. Prym Fash- ion’s ecoGreen snaps are made from plant-based renewable resources, such as potato starch, and are biode- gradable and recyclable. The soon-to- be-released ecoBlue plastic snaps will be made from recycled ocean plastic. “These eco-friendly snaps allow our customers to consider every detail and increase the overall sustainability of their products,” said Brian Moore, CEO of Prym Fashion.  “As brands and retailers in the textile industry continue to raise their sustainability goals, details like trim will become increasingly important,” added Moore. “Prym Fashion is committed to making snaps that make a difference.” Prym Fashion Introduces Four-Part Sustainable Snaps Product Market Showcase | WINTER 2019/2020 Ingredients Microban Unveils Antimicrobial for Cotton Applications Microban International announced a new antimicrobial technology, AEGIS Vesta, a quat saline-based antimicrobial odor control solutions that can be pad ap- plied on woven and knitted cotton home textiles and garments. According to Micro- ban, AEGIS Vesta reduces 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria for up to 50HL, as opposed to 25HL that most quat saline- based technologies work to. Offering improved moisture manage- ment, an AEGIS Vesta treated cotton fabric will absorb moisture 20 times faster than conventional quat saline antimicrobi- als. Additionally, AEGIS Vesta can with- stand high-temperature washes for up to 50 home launderings, said the company. AEGIS Vesta is directly applied as a du- rable finish on the textile during the manu- facturing process. When bacteria come into contact with the treated surface, it is punc- tured, preventing bacteria from growing and reproducing. As a quat saline-based technology, BPB testing can confirm the presence of AEGIS Vesta on treated fabric in minutes, whether at a manufacturing site or a laboratory testing facility. Prym’s ecoGreen snaps Quickfeat Vietnam produces knits, wovens, outerwear and activewear. QUICKFEAT VIETNAM Our Services - Fabric Sourcing - Trim Sourcing - Garment Development - Factory Sourcing - Production - Quality Control - Packing & Logistics 541 350 1615 Marketing O ice Be nd, Oregon USA | C M Y CM MY CY CMY K QF-InsideOutdoors_Vietnam_HalfPgVert(10-22)_ƒ.pdf 1 10/22/18 8:10 AM