Summer 2019 – Inside Outdoor Magazine

Inside Outdoor | SUMMER 2019 28 At the recent Texprocess event in Frankfurt, Lenzing Group, Santoni SPA and Procalçado SA presented a joint concept to showcase that a sustain- able solution for the footwear industry is ready for the market. It is now up to brands and designers to bring it to the consumer level, said Birgit Schnetzlinger, business manager footwear in Lenzing. “It is time that the polluting and hazardous footwear manufacturing process becomes cleaner, more circular and sustainable,” says Schnetzlinger. The cooperation of the three part- ners showed ways to reduce water impact and production time and mini- mize plastic waste in shoe production. For starters, Lenzing’s wood-based and compostable Tencel Lyocell fibers used in the manufacturing of shoe components make for a more sustain- able and circular choice. In addition to these sustainability aspects, Tencel Lyocell fibers are known to be smooth, strong and able to manage moisture and body heat. Santoni SPA, known for its circular knitting and seamless machines, en- ables the production of a one-piece upper with seamless and “no-waste” 3D Intarsia technology and a produc- tion time of only 5 to 7 minutes per piece, including 3-D areas and eye- lets for laces. Cementing the outsole, the last step in the manufacturing process, is where Procalçado outsoles company and its ForEver soles come into play. Procalcado’s Pura Latex materialis extracted from the stem of rubber trees harvested from certified and controlled sources. This can then be combined with a new biodegradable thermoplastic outsole incorporated with Tencel Lyocell powder, which contributes to less usage of non- renewable raw materials. “With this solution we offer the industry a botanic solution for consum- ers,” Schnetzlinger stated. Ingredients Lenzing Presents Eco-conscious Footwear Production