InsideOutdoor | WINTER 2022 24 Aventon Promotes Personalized Approach to Electrifying E-Bike Retail Whether you’re selling the experience of pedaling down a mountain trail, traversing a beachfront or avoiding city traffic, Aventon believes it has the best electric bicycle to serve your customer’s desire for adventure and your shop’s product lineup. In the past three years, the decade-old brand has entrenched itself in the e-bike market, offering a lineup that director of sales, Jessica Hill calls “high quality” with “accessible prices,” as well as a unique weld design, striking colors and wire-hiding frames that make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. “People are excited to get out there and do something they haven’t done before,” said Hill. “E-bikes afford them that adventure without being too adventurous. They’re so much fun. I like to watch someone get on one for the first time, hitting that throttle and feeling the acceleration. They can’t help but smile.” As the e-bicycle market grows in popularity – having hit $17 billion in 2020 and projected to reach $52 billion by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights – Aventon believes that demand is driven by a healthy blend of convenience, affordability, environmental sustainability and fitness. “We know historically that e-bikes have been a small segment of the bike and recreation industry,” commented marketing manager, Ivan Tijerina. “But now is the time. When the pandemic hit it changed how we participate in work and recreation. E-bikes are booming because of these changes in culture, in how we work and play.” Over time, Aventon has expanded its presence to hundreds of bicycle and specialty shops throughout the U.S., with intentions to reach 1,000 locations in 2022. This includes, the executies noted, plans to expand into the multi-sport retail space as well. “We don’t want to just be a brand,” said Tijerina, who believes that Aventon’s strong partner growth is a result of its personalized approach. “We want to give a face to the company. We’re not just signing purchase orders and saying, ‘See you later.’ Our team has an engaged relationship with many of our dealers.” According to wholesale account manager, Andrew Valdivia, this one-on-one approach has served Aventon well. “The first dealer I opened, he’s still with us,” noted the fourth-year employee. “He’s passionate about the products. He’s a champion for us. We’re not just selling bikes. We’re actively helping our small business partners across the country, as well.” “That’s one thing I really appreciate: the way that our dealers love the brand,” added Hill. “They’re so excited to pick up the phone or email me to say they sold another bike and need more. It’s so exciting to see the pictures and hear their stories. They even share their pain points. To hear those and help solve them has been really thrilling.” Dealing in the e-bike industry is, of course, not without its safety concerns. Aventon encourages the use of helmets and other protective equipment, conducts its own extensive rigor tests and incorporates quick-braking mechanisms into its units. The company also actively collaborates with advocacy groups such as People for Bikes to promote safer cycling policy, education and planning. Among other measures, these allow Aventon to promote smarter e-bike rider awareness, whether by its own staff, retail partners or a family of customers. “Ultimately, people are looking for something that provides good value,” smiled Hill. “We have customers who don’t use their cars because they’re riding an e-bike. It’s not just a novelty.” “Aventon,” she concluded, “is a lifestyle, and we are future forward.” For more information on Aventon, its lineup of e-bike models and the shops through which they are available, visit m By Brady Hicks Brand Watch