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Inside Outdoor | SPRING 2019 46 “With fulfillment, the order comes online and hits our system to tell them which store to ship it from,” Andrews says. “So the ROI is much more [immediate] on the fulfillment side, whereas on the planning and buying side there is a longer time frame. However, the ROI is going to be bigger because you will be impacting a larger swath of decision making processes. It will just take longer to realize.” Preparing For the Future We riff on the idea of helping our future selves. After all, a business today is ultimately that business a year from now. Decision makers are encouraged to think about what they can do to set their company up for success down the road. “Ultimately, your future self will have to sit in front of a CEO or board of directors and answer why your business is doing good or bad,” said Andrews. “You have a wealth of data today. You have the ability to make smarter decisions that will make an impact on your business down the road. There’s no excuse for not put- ting that data to work.” For those businesses that under- stand the power of this type of ap- proach, and digital transformation as a whole, the impact can be enormous. A digital divide is happening, where retailers that understand how to leverage this type of technology are pulling far ahead of the competi- tion. This trend is only going to accel- erate moving forward. “There’s no doubt in my mind that is going to be the case,” said Andrews. “When we started this company, we had some conversations with retailers that said they had really good buy- ers and planners, who will continue to make decisions around trends. Today, those roles are still important. There’s still an element of that. But if they’re not being informed by what the data is saying – and not just historical data but projecting it forward and understanding predictive nature of it – they’re going to get left behind.” Editor’s note: Celect is a cloud based SaaS solution, licensed on a subscription model. According to Andrews, most customers start off with a one-year contract and work with the company to understand their data and business. Once cus- tomers see the ROI and results, multi-year contracts are typically offered. Customers can choose to jump into a multi-year contract if they choose, but the company pro- vides options in terms of how they want to move forward. m