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Tech Savvy Inside Outdoor | SPRING 2019 41 to Rawat, would negatively impact the brand’s image. This is a company, after all, that sells t-shirts at $85 and up. “Their goal was to reward custom- ers but not to make them think the company was offering discounts,” ex- plained Rawat. According to Keith Ching, head of ecommerce and digital experience at the apparel company, Icebreaker also had three basic requirements in a loyalty platform: it had to be customiz- able enough to fit the brand, have the right feature set and be cost-effective. “Zinrelo was the only platform that could deliver on all three,” said Ching. “We required several customizations, and Zinrelo’s team was very respon- sive and helped us launch the exact program we needed.” Icebreaker has been using Zinrelo for about two years. According to Rawat, the company has increased customer retention, its repeat custom- er rate and its conversion rate. The company has also seen an increase in average order value. A big reason why the program has worked so well for Zinrelo is the fact that there is an element of mystery to the process. The company doesn’t tell customers what they will get for their points until they sign up. Instead of telling customers what they will receive, in other words, Ice- breaker lets the customer wonder what the reward will be. As a result, they are more inclined to participate in the program, the theory goes. Plus, the company is able to keep the focus on its current customer base, instead of attracting bargain hunters. “Without really offering a discount, the Icebreaker loyalty program sill incentivizes engagement for custom- ers,” Rawat said. “This preserves brand value, while enabling promotions for customers. Icebreaker is rewarding them, but not making them think they are offering discounts. This works for a high-end brand like Icebreaker.” One of the largest benefits is that Zinrelo’s platform gives Ice- breaker a 360-degree view of its customers. In addition to being an online merchant, Icebreaker also has brick and mortar stores. “Most retailers are still in the dark when a customer makes an in-store purchase,” Rawat said. “Customers don’t always give up their email ad- dresses. As a result, companies can’t see where they are, or can’t easily connect with them.” Zinrelo follows customers in true omnichannel fashion, whether online, in store or over a mobile device. “With our rewards program, the customer’s email address is their ID,” says Rawat. “Now they have a reason to give their email address in the store, to earn a reward. And if they create an account online, we can connect; we can get a complete overview of the customer. This is not possible without a rewards program.” Zinrelo is a cloud-based platform and does not require any hardware or main- tenance. The cloud-based, software-as- a-service (SaaS) loyalty dashboard can be embedded on a retailer’s site. It’s of- fered as a subscription service. m Zinrelo Reward Tier Sample Tier Level Bronze 0 Pocket Pts. Silver 300 Pocket Pts. Gold 700 Pocket Pts. Platinum 1,500 Pocket Pts. Anniversary Coupon Code 20% 25% 30% 35% Exclusive VIP Sale 1x per year 2x per year 3x per year 4x per year Access to SeVIP Expedited Service 4 4 4 4 Free Domestic Priority Service 4 4 4 4 Free Surprise Gift with Purchase 4 4 4 4 Early Notification of Sale 4 4 First Dibs on New Products 4 4