Spring 2019 - Inside Outdoor Magazine

IO: What is onething outdoor retailers should knowabout your company? We’ve been providing quality first aid kits to businesses and consumers for 45 years, and REI private labeled outdoor kits for more than 40 years. Building on our legacy of exceptional layout, organization and ease of use plus clinical grade quality, we recently introduced a new generation of HART Outdoor branded kits delivering the best outdoor first aid kits in the market. IO: What doyou consideryour primary differentiation point fromyour nearest competitors? Exceptional ease of use. When someone requires first aid, response time is critical, and our kits have everything they need laid out for quick and easy access. IO: What is one challenge or issue faced byyour whole- sale customers thatyour company addresses, and how doyou do it? Hands down our kits are the best value to the consumer and all our marketing is focused on delivering this message to the customer; superior quality, fast easy access/use and ex- ceptional value. No other first aid supplier compares. BrandWatch 3Questions with… Answers provided by: Chris Simons, Product Development Purchasing Manager Inside Outdoor | SPRING 2019 39