Fall 2019 - Inside Outdoor Magazine

SKINNER SHOE SOCKS The idea of a sock as a stocking stuffer might seem odd to some, but Skinners are more than just socks. According to Skinners, the shoe sock’s patented minimal shape combines the comfort of socks with the essential protection of a shoe, creating the feel of a “second skin.” Skin- ners can be used as footwear for indoor gyms, travel, water sports and other outdoor activities. KUJU SINGLE-SERVE POUR OVER A unique stocking stuffer for adventurous coffee lovers and travelers, or for giveaways at the holiday party, Kuju single-serve pour packs offer a café-quali- ty cup of pour over coffee no matter the distance from the nearest barista. IGNIK BIODEGRADABLE WARMERS Stuff the comfort of disposable warmers into a stocking without the guilt of disposable. Ignik’s Air Activated Warmers for people and devices are made from 98 percent biodegradable materi- als. Both the Warmers for Humans and Warmers for Devices have a patent-pending temperature regulation system that allows the user to adjust the air flow, extending the warmer’s life during use or conserving heat for later. YAKTRAX QUICK TRAX The new Quick Trax ice traction devices provide an easy, low-cost and portable solu- tion for the times when icy and snowy condi- tions come by surprise. Always ready in a glove box or office desk drawer, they fit over most shoes and retail for a modest $8. Inside Outdoor | FALL 2019 26