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Inside Outdoor | FALL 2018 58 Challenge #3: Communicating with your candidates at a time and place that works for them. Nine out of 10 candidates expect to be able to communicate with you via messaging and social platforms. That is the way of the world. Yet less than half of organizations are equipped to handle this type of communication. Your tal- ent pool lives on their mobile devices. When the time comes to recruit for the holidays, you’ll need to be where your candidates are already spending all of their time – on their phones. Sophisticated artificial intelligence tools such as chatbots make mobile engagement with candidates a pos- sibility. Whether this is via a messaging platform, such as Skype, or a social net- work, chatbots that are omnichannel will create the best opportunities for seam- less communication. The best recruiters work as many hours as needed to get the job done, but there is still a start and end time to the working day. The best recruiters also know that a large majority of can- didates are not available to talk during the working day, preferring evenings and (sometimes) weekends. A chatbot is available 24/7, so a candidate can engage with you and your recruitment process at a time of their choosing. Randstad found that 82 percent of job seekers believe the ideal recruiter interaction is a mix of innovative technol- ogy and personal, human interaction. The majority of candidates are receptive to interacting with a chatbot. Allowing candidates to do so and a time and on a channel of their choice increases the chances of them experiencing a positive recruitment process and, therefore, in- creasing your brand’s reputation. Challenge #4: High turnover of seasonal temporary staff. Due to the fleeting nature of sea- sonal positions and the fact that those same industries tend to have higher- than-average turnover, it can be difficult to retain temporary staff when you need them the most. The major factors that contribute to seasonal turnover are a lack of goal-setting, lack of recognition and plain old boredom. While artificial intelligence is espe- cially useful during the initial stages of the recruitment process, tools such as chatbots also can be used to increase staff engagement while they are carry- ing out work for your organization. Imagine being able to brief your tem- porary staff across your organization, all at the same time, to update them on im- portant issues or to set some goals. Why not have a chatbot-based conversation with them to find out how they are get- ting on and garner some feedback about their time with your organization?   High turnover doesn’t have to ruin the holiday season for your organization. People buy from people, and what better person to buy off of than one that is hap- py and treated well, even if only in their position for a short amount of time. If you’re sensitive to the temporary nature of seasonal positions and make a genuine effort to dispel preconcep- tions while giving seasonal workers tan- gible goals and plenty of opportunity for engagement, you’re going to find higher retention follow suit. Chris Collins is CEO at RoboRecruit- er, a chatbot platforms with conversation- al technologies built for people who hire professionally. 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