Inside Outdoor Magazine - Fall 2018

Inside Outdoor | FALL 2018 32 Converse Cap & Backpack Combo Slip the 22 Camp Cap on your head, sling the Street 22 Backpack on your shoulders, and not only do you look great, but you’re ready to go anywhere. And that really does mean any- where, because Converse chose to engineer both these street essentials in lightweight, super-durable CORDURA fabric. That means these pieces will live up to the dar- ing lifestyle of those constantly on the go in the city. CO CORDURA® Curated Fall ’18: On the Move As a testament to the flexibility of and the innovation of its partner mills, each season we bring you a collection of curated products incorporating fabrics. This fall, we focus on products with CORDURA that provide “Packability, Mobility and Durability on the Go.” CORDURA®は、耐久性に優れたファブリックに対するインビスタ(INVISTA)社の登録商標です。 CORDURA®は、耐久性に優れたファブリックに対するインビスタ(INVISTA)社の登録商標です。 Manhattan Portage Waxed Bag Collection Max impact, max style, max cool … and max durability from being constructed in 500 denier CORDURA Waxed Ny- lon. The collection of six classy new bags celebrate the 35th anniversary of Manhattan Portage, all with the effortless chic you’d expect from the brand. And then some, with a special wax finish giving the whole collection a natural heritage look and appeal. But it’s not just for effect. That finish also adds excellent water repellency and extra durability.