COAST Creates World-Class LED Lighting Experiences PROFILE A 101-year-old family busi- ness based in Portland, Ore., COAST was launched after founder Hen- ry W. Brands designed a sharp, durable salmon fillet knife with a scoop tool on the end to help fishermen in the Pacific Northwest clean salmon. COAST has since expanded its offer- ings beyond cutlery and has emerged as a global leader in LED lighting products including flashlights, headlamps, area lights and work lights. “We offer the best beam of light in the industry, with consistent edge-to- edge brightness in all of our products,” said COAST general manger Tyler Peterson. “Whether it’s a flashlight, a headlamp or an area light, our prod- ucts deliver the best experience for our customers.” According to Peterson, flashlight consistency is delivered through key patented design elements that prevent distortion and haloing from impacting the beam. COAST also offers a variety of fixed and focusing beam options for users, enabling both short- and long- range illumination. COAST Beam Lock technology also allows users to set a beam in place. According to Peterson, the company is continuously looking to drive innova- tion around performance and versatility. “Our customers want access to the brightest light they can get, and to op- timize run time,” said Peterson. “We’re always looking to optimize our lumens and deliver a great user experi- ence around run time and usability. We innovate a lot around the performance of our products.” According to Peterson, it’s not enough to create a simple flashlight anymore. And COAST is committed to meeting the rising expectations. All COAST products conform to ANSI FL1 standards and are optimized in COAST’s light design and testing lab. “We’re always looking for new and helpful features to add,” Peterson said. “For example, COAST loves innovating around how you can attach a flashlight. We have flashlights with magnets that can attach to metal surfaces, providing hands-free working solutions. We also offer models that have chip on board (COB) optics, that allow you to have area lighting on the side of your light. So, the magnet, combined with a COB unit, provides great versatility.” COAST’s latest innovation in area lighting is the EAL22, a highly bright emergency area light featuring 1,300 lumens. Most lanterns on the market today offer about 1,000 lumens. “EAL stands for emer- gency area light, because these lanterns are often used in emergency situations,” said Peterson. “These lanterns come with low, medium and high set- tings and offer over five nights of lighting. And not only do you get white lighting, but you also get red and red flashing features as well. So, it offers great ver- satility for lighting in emergency situations or low-light scenarios when you’re camping and don’t need the full force of 1,300 lumens to light your camp.” In addition, the EAL22 is a dual- power device, meaning it runs on three D cell batteries and a custom-built USB- C rechargeable battery that offers even higher output and more options. “The EAL22 has the latest connectiv- ity features and offers charge out capa- bilities,” explained Peterson. “So, when you’re without power at home, in the backyard or the back country, and you’re equipped with that rechargeable battery pack, you can charge essential devices like a cell phone for multiple days.” Peterson also commented on COAST’s customer base. “Our customer, just like that first fish- erman, is really any professional that comes to rely on our products day in and day out,” continued Peter- son. “That could be anyone including emergency medical technicians, engi- neers, aircraft mechanics, backpackers, firefighters, and so on. They all choose COAST because of our innova- tive products.” m The EAL22 area light offers five light output modes that range from illuminating entire spaces to on- the-spot emergency signaling. InsideOutdoor | 35