Q uickfeat has been quietly producing sweaters, gar- ments and activewear since launching back in 1994 as the exclusive sourcing and manufacturing arm of a highly successful direct marketing re- tailer. In 1998, Quickfeat spun off a sepa- rate entity and began supplying products to the general wholesale and retail marketplace. Today, Quickfeat produces apparel, accessories, sportswear and general merchandise from its factories across Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. “Our mission is to develop and produce high-quality, medium-quantity products at affordable prices,” explained Quickfeat managing partner Glenn Wil- lard. “Today, Quickfeat is known for sourcing and working in products of better piece goods. We are also able to provide prompt delivery with lightning- fast turnaround times, along with flexible sourcing and at reasonable prices.” Quickfeat’s ability to provide fast and efficient service has helped the company build a steady client base, with several customer relationships stretching back more than a decade. “Quickfeat is a one-stop sourcing company, and we offer a variety of ser- vices from trend reports, customized raw materials development, product develop- ments, production, testing and quality control, as well as shipping and logis- tics,” explained Quickfeat partner Justina Chan. “We are fully committed to helping our customers achieve their goals across a variety of touchpoints.” According to Chan, the company also goes to great lengths to ensure quality and reliability with partnering vendors. Full due diligence is conducted for all partner factories and vendors to ensure they maintain strict compliance with Quick- feat’s standards. “We have a long working history with all our vendors, so we can be con- fident with their quality, delivery and financial stability,” added Chan. Of course, achieving success in the outdoor industry also requires a deeper commitment to both environmental and social issues. Outdoor customers ex- pect products that are eco-friendly and responsibly made. Quickfeat is a found- ing member and sponsor of the Organic Exchange (now the Textile Exchange) which is dedicated to helping custom- ers find sustainable textiles. It also is a Conservation Alliance member, actively uses fair trade materials and contributes to the Deschutes Land Trust. On the social front, Quickfeat claims to maintain a zero-tolerance policy for forced and child labor, discrimination and human rights abuse. Acording to Wil- lard, the company complies with all local laws for wages, working hours, benefits, workplace health and safety and freedom of association. Its claims are backed by regular factory audits, and the company is certified for the Customs-Trade Part- nership Against Terrorism. “Being sustainable and socially compliant continue to be Quickfeat’s top goals, and we remain transparent in the process of doing so,” added Chan. In addition to its environmental and social commitments, Quickfeat also strives to ensure quality control. On-site quality control workers are on hand in all its facilities, ensuring that products adhere to standards of excellence. Custom training also is provided so that qualify control officers are familiar with individual account requirements. The staff also is committed to growth and innovation. In fact, the Quickfeat team recently traveled to Shima Seiki’s training center to learn how to use a new 3D Apparel CAD System, which will significantly increase speed to market for clients. Chan also added some insight about how the company has been han- dling COVID-19. “Quickfeat has taken a conserva- tive yet active approach since early days of COVID-19,” explained Chan. “All of our staff were asked to work from home since early February as a precaution. We later changed to flex- ible hours when the situation got more stable in Hong Kong. “ In addition, the company acted pro- actively at the start by communicating transparently with all their accounts and vendors through newsletters and frequent updates.  “We’ve provided creative solutions to some of our accounts by offering them the flexibility to revise deliveries and quantities in reaction to the pandemic,” added Chan. “This was possible thanks to the trust we have built over the years with our accounts and vendors.” The company is now looking ahead for a positive and productive new year. “Hoping for the best while prepar- ing for the worst is our strategy going forward to 2021,” Chan concluded. “We are encouraged to see gradual pickups of sourcing opportunities in recent months. Quickfeat will con- tinue to grow our production capacity in Southeast Asia in order to meet the demands of our accounts once things re- bound.” m Quickfeat Remains Focused on Quality, Speed and Innovation PROFILE InsideOutdoor | 33