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Daily Archives: Aug 11, 2017

Badfish SUP Re-establishes Independence

After a 6-year partnership with Boardworks Surf in Carlsbad, Calif., which is part of the Confluence Outdoor stable of brands, Badfish SUP has announced...

Beeline Bikes Adds Five Franchises

Full-service mobile bike shop Beeline Bikes announced the signing of five new franchise agreements to develop 25 new mobile shops across eight new territories,...

Timberland Turns Store Every 6 Weeks

Timberland’s Tree Lab store in the King of Prussia mall in Pennsylvania is looking to keep shoppers engaged and coming back by continually giving...

Black Diamond Inc. to Change Name to Clarus

Black Diamond Inc. announced plans to change its name to Clarus Corporation effective August 14, 2017. Clarus was the holding company name prior to...

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